West Acton Baptist Church

Members of the West Acton Baptist Church represent different communions, but one fellowship; varied beliefs, but one faith; many viewpoints, but one Christ; We agree to differ, resolve to love, unite to serve.



592 Massachusetts Ave.

Acton, MA 01720



Newsletters & Preaching Schedule


March 2018 Newsletter


Preaching Schedule

Preached by Rev. Laura Harris-Adam

Worship at 10:00am!



Lent 2018 Series: What Jesus Did & Why It Still Matters


Lent Synopsis: “This Lenten Season we will take a closer look at the events and interactions Jesus had during his last week in Jerusalem. There are so many rich stories from his last week of life. Playing on the popular question, “What would Jesus Do?” the series will explore what Jesus actually did, what we can learn from his actions and words, and how that might impact choices we make about living our lives today. Jesus modelled for us important attributes of living in right relationship with God and with our neighbor. Each Sunday will highlight a characteristic present in these stories of Jesus’ final week and you will be asked to consider what that trait means to you and how you might embody it now.”


March 18, 2018 – The Fifth Sunday of Lent

“Jesus Prays in the Garden”

Mark 14:32-42

Theme: Prayer


March 25, 2018 – Palm/Passion Sunday

“Jesus Faces His Accusers”

Mark 11:1-10, 14:53-65, 15:1-5

Theme: Honesty


April 1, 2018 – Easter

“The Empty Tomb”

Mark 16:1-8

Theme: Hope


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