West Acton Baptist Church

Members of the West Acton Baptist Church represent different communions, but one fellowship; varied beliefs, but one faith; many viewpoints, but one Christ; We agree to differ, resolve to love, unite to serve.



592 Massachusetts Ave.

Acton, MA 01720



Newsletters & Preaching Schedule


June 2018 Newsletter


Preaching Schedule

Preached by Rev. Laura Harris-Adam

Worship at 10:00am!

Summer 2018 Series:

Sacred Earth, Sacred Work 

In the midst of our hurried lives we often forget to take time to reflect on God’s good creation: all that it provides to us and our responsibility to care for it. This summer beginning June 17th we will hear stories from the scriptures that remind us of the preciousness of all God’s creation and urge us to be good steward of the earth. For in the beginning God created all things and called them all GOOD.


June 17

Father's Day and Earth Sunday

“The Story of Creation”

Genesis 1:1-25


June 24

Forest Sunday

“The Gifts of the Trees”

Genesis 2:4b-22


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