West Acton Baptist Church

Members of the West Acton Baptist Church represent different communions, but one fellowship; varied beliefs, but one faith; many viewpoints, but one Christ; We agree to differ, resolve to love, unite to serve.



592 Massachusetts Ave.

Acton, MA 01720


Common Thursdays

We meet on Thursdays from 5:45pm - 7pm, Pastor Nancy of FBC Littleton and Pastor Laura of WABC will be offering a joint opportunity at FBC Littleton. We will gather for a light soup supper and engage different kinds of gatherings each week. Join us as you are able!


Common Thursdays

5:45 pm - 6:15 pm Come for soup and bread and community

6:15 pm - 7:00 pm Stay for learning, discussion, activities we'll do in common

7:00 pm - 7:30 pm Tea and conversation

Lower level Fellowship Hall, (handicapped accessible)

First Baptist Church of Littleton, 461 King St., Littleton, MA

Quiet Space

Thursday, Dec. 14 A time to share a simple meal and just be quiet together. We'll observe the tradition of monastic quiet as we share a meal.

Blue Christmas

Thursday, Dec. 21  For those who are facing the holidays without a loved one, who are grieving, who don't feel joyful or festive and need a place where we can bring a little light and healing into the darkness.

The Stone Soup Pot

Your contribution to the meal, if you can: Either bring ingredients to the kitchen (or put in the plastic box at the back kitchen door) between 12-1 on Thursday, or bring ingredients at 5:45 that we can use for next time. We'll prepare a vegetarian soup, so bring boxes or cans of vegetable stock; onions, potatoes, carrots, other root vegetables, greens, farm stand produce, cans of beans, bags of lentils or beans; flour, yeast, oil, or bread mix; tea bags; condiments such as Indian or Asian sauces to spice to taste would be great too. We'll have at least one bread machine and a crock pot or pressure cooker.