West Acton Baptist Church

Members of the West Acton Baptist Church represent different communions, but one fellowship; varied beliefs, but one faith; many viewpoints, but one Christ; We agree to differ, resolve to love, unite to serve.



592 Massachusetts Ave.

Acton, MA 01720




  Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!

                                                                                                       ~ Psalm 98:4


Handbell Refurbishment
Our God is so good! Many thanks to everyone who helped in our recent bell fundraising drive! Your generosity helped us to the following:
     - all bells were completely refurbished including tuning, polishing, and relevant new parts
     - unexpectedly replacing 2 handbells
     - complete refurbishment of all chimes including replacing many parts
Given how long ago they were last repaired, we did exceed our estimate by quite a bit (this covered extra chime work and the 2 bell replacements). Thanks to Ruth and Bob W for their expert financial help!!! 

Thanks also to the crew who packed up the bells (no easy task!) and to Nancy who ended up waiting 6 hours for the pick up as well as providing advice, support and comfort any number of times and answering all my texts!

The bells are back and we are working out details for a rededication. Stay tuned for announcements!

Anyone who would like to join the bell choir should email Kathi or see her during church! Bring a friend. No experience necessary. Our starting date this year will be determined once we know how we plan to celebrate!

Thanks again to all! Kathi

Chancel Choir is open to all ages 16 and up. We rehearse on Sundays following worship. All are welcome! We have found that it helps to have either some singing or choral experience, as we do learn several pieces at once (often in a short amount of time), and it can get a little confusing once in awhile. However, if you love to sing and want to join us, we'll be glad to help you navigate the process! In addition to learning music each week, we often talk about the history of the music, musical styles and the technique of singing. Although we work hard in rehearsal, with much to accomplish, we try to keep it lighthearted and fun. The Choir additionally rehearses on Sunday mornings at 9:00, and participates in most services on Sunday mornings by leading the opening song, hymns and singing a prepared anthem. There are opportunities for solos and small group singing as warranted.
The Bell Choir is open to all ages 10ish and up. We rehearse on Thursday evenings from 7pm-8pm. No experience is necessary! Bell ringing is a team sport that requires a sense of humor and a willingness to make mistakes,  try new things and laugh a lot! It also doubles as a cardio workout.....kind of! We perform different types of music at special services throughout the year, including ( but not limited to) Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Easter and Children's Sunday. It is especially important that ringers attend each rehearsal during the season, as each person ringing represents each note played. (If you are out, your note is gone!) If you have questions, please talk to Kathi!
I hope you will consider joining the music program in some way. We can always use help with library work and record keeping, if you are so inclined.  I am also anxious to start a praise band. If you have any instrumental experience you would like to share, please speak to Kathi on Sunday!

All are welcome to join in anytime!



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